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A’da’s birth story

A’da attended our Express class in May. Her labor took an unexpected turn and baby was born via c sec birth, alhamdulillah. She shares her experience in her blog. Please click to read her full story!

My Labor Story

August 7, 2017

Eden came to the world earlier than expected.

First reaction I was getting, shocked.

Then afraid.

Finally, ‘oh my God, it’s happening.. I’m finally meeting the little guy soon!’

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Zaidah’s birth story

(Zaidah sat in our AMANI classes with her husband Kai in February 2017. I loved the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from these lovely couple. I also instantly knew she has read so much already by her comments in class – an AMANI teacher material for sure 🙂 and her husband Kai really proved to be an awesome birth partner. This is her story)
When I found out I was pregnant on October 5, my first reaction was to cry. Out of happiness, you ask? I can tell you right here that I cried out of fear, because I know nothing about being a mother. Try shoving a newborn to me and you would see the face of fear.

A lot of my understanding about birth then revolved around the assistance of experts in obstetrics and gynecology. I know about getting cut down there, I know about stitching, I know there is pain involved and some can be unbearable. But when I came across the concepts of “intervention when necessary”and “managing pain naturally” I was caught off guard– can such things exist when you’re bringing about something akin to a watermelon through what seems to be a fifty-cent coin slot? Really now?


I found out about AMANI Birth while I was browsing around friends’ liked pages and I stumbled upon Birthlings Brunei. Naturally my curiosity got the better of me and I started browsing further. I also looked up about AMANI Birth online and even got more intrigued knowing that it’s a philosophy of birth that revolves around Islam! Sheer joy! This was not far from what I seek to do– I remember friends and relatives telling me about several acts of worship that can help ease birth or ensure the well-being of your baby, but that was it.

I contacted Nora sometime in December while she was on her umrah pilgrimage (so sorry again ka) and I was heartened to receive her reply after she returned home. I reserved a spot for me and my husband for February even if I would be just in the middle of my second trimester (21-23 weeks?).

When I first arrived to the class early February, I was excited to see familiar faces– my husband’s cousin who is expecting, a friend from primary school, and a friend I met after I finished A Levels! The classes spanned for 2.5 hours each and lasted for three Sundays (so no brunch plans with family or friends were possible then hehe). As we went through the materials in class, I was touched at how the activities helped my husband to be more involved in the pregnancy beyond being present at appointments and entertaining my hormones; he grew to become an advocate for me and became more enthusiastic about bringing me to swim every Fridays whenever possible! Little did I realize that attending the classes were an early preparation for parenthood as well.

Fast forward to June 1: I started early labor around sahur time around 4am. Thinking I was just waking up to false contractions, I started to be more alert as they became regular and closer as the day progressed. By midnight, my contractions were about 5 mins apart and my mucus plug came out. We then decided to go to JPMC and much to my dismay, my assessment involved a VE and I was disappointed to know I was only 2cm dilated. Nevertheless we decided to stay on since my contractions were regular (and hospital policy dictates admission at that dilation). I tried my best to stay awake with my husband throughout the surges.

I had two CTG sessions administered every 6 hours and equipped with the knowledge from class, I wasn’t too happy being bound to the bed while my surges were going berserk. I wanted to be mobile and active, and the only relief I found for my surges was sitting in the toilet seat! I had multiple occasions of wanting to poo before then, when really it was baby’s head engaged. The second time I was strapped to CTG, it was at 7:05am that my water broke spontaneously, in a gush– baby was really on his way!

A few things I remembered being in the labor room were: the hot towel compresses I asked to be put on my lower back as I was on my hands and knees; the slurry of all the zikir I could muster; my husband holding my hand as I reached transition, and me screaming “Ring of fire!” when I felt the burn underneath as I pushed our baby with all my might. I do remember my attending midwives pointed out how I was at times still smiling despite the surges. Alhamdulillah, our son arrived earthside at 8:05am weighing 2.685kg.


To use some of Aisha Al Hajjar’s words: birth really is a natural life event, trust in birth is really trust in Allah (tawakal) and trust in Allah’s plans for our lives and our births. I may have sustained second degree tears in my choice to refuse episiotomy, I may have had to give way to CTG and compromised my mobility during the labor stage, but when I look back at how the birth happened, it really is for the best. I had my dearest husband for support and companionship throughout, which really was what I needed to go through a life changing experience.

I have to thank Nora for the engaging lessons in class, her sincerity and enthusiasm to support mothers and mothers-to-be in this phase of life. Jazakillahu khairan!

And to future AMANI mothers AND fathers: may Allah make your son/daughter the coolness of your eyes, and may birth and parenthood open doors to more acts of worship to Allah SWT. Aamiin.

Kat’s birth story

Labour was (somewhat) uneventful, and relatively quick.
I was already on leave when it happened. I woke up, thinking what to get for breakfast. I remember feeling lazy and didn’t want to get out of bed. So my husband decided to drive out and pick up food from a nearby restaurant.
Starting feeling mild contraction (similar to period cramps) sometime around 9. I didn’t want to tell my husband yet thinking it was Braxton Hicks (I haven’t had any throughout my pregnancy). By the time my husband came back, just before 10, I was still having contractions. I tried to eat at the time (starving!), but I didn’t finish my food, worried it might actually be real contraction. I’ve heard horror stories about throwing up in the labour room.
By the time I told my husband, he called JPMC (after giving me an earful about not telling him earlier).
The first call: they told us to monitor the contraction (we used an app for it – Contractions)
The 2nd call (2 hours after): they told us to come in
I was still in denial at that point.
My husband readied the car – hospital bag (only finished packing days before) and baby car seat. And I showered, prayed and (reluctantly) went to JPMC.
I told my husband not to tell anyone yet. So a quick bye to the in-laws (“No, we’re just going for a check. Really.”), and off we went.
By the time we arrived, we walked to the maternity ward (Yes, walked. They offered a wheelchair. But you know, still in denial about being in labour), and everyone seem to be expecting us. They told me to get into the labour suite and change.
By then it was almost 2. I was 5cm dilated upon initial check. After that it was a big blur.
They had to break my water with this probe (which was uncomfortable and borderline painful). Then the contractions became more intense. They offered gas and pethidine (because I requested it in my birth plan). They said pethidine can help me rest between contractions. But because it’s too frequent by then, I declined.
I forgot everything I learned at that point. My husband was my constant reminder. Every time there was contraction coming, he held my hand me a bit tighter and told me to breathe. He kept talking to me, and making me laugh (“do you think if I use this, the nurses would notice?”). Good to know he remembers what we learned from Danura’s birth class!
The contractions were painful, and at times unbearable. There was a point that I just gave up. I let the contractions be. I was too tired by then.
By 4, I was ready to push. The nurses told (reminded) me how to. Surprisingly enough, the contractions weren’t as painful. I was alert. The urge to push was really strong. It was something I couldn’t control. My doctor and midwife told me when to push, and they were really encouraging. They acknowledged how tired I was. They were really inclusive – my husband was involved in every way. I was crowning, and my doctor actually asked my husband if he “wanted to see”.
By 5, Alhamdulillah, my son was born. A healthy 3.875kg baby boy. They placed him immediately on me, and then taken away for checks. After stitching (painful!), they handed my son back for breastfeeding. They let me stay to recover for a bit, before transferred to my actual room. By then I was too drowsy, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep, and (for some weird reason) McDonalds.
I didn’t regret going to JPMC for the delivery. Here’s why:
1. It’s our first pregnancy and I am a very private person. I didn’t want anyone there except for my husband. And I want him there every step of the way. And they let him. He was there during my contractions (Phase 1 and 2), and during birth.
2. They followed through with the birth plan. I requested minimal checks, minimal people in the room, the painkillers. Even the lights (wanted it dimmed)! The doctor went through the birth plan with us some time in the 32nd week. We didn’t know what to expect (medicine-wise), so she explained and pretty much decided what we should have. I was scared with the thought of natural birth (my baby was huge, even with the prediction from the scans), but my doctor was fully confident and relaxed with the idea (she said, “we can always try natural” which I find hilarious).
3. Before the day, we went for a quick tour. So we knew which room we wanted. But the rooms are first come, first serve basis. They confirmed the room when you were first admitted. Because in my case, I went straight to the delivery suite, I didn’t get to go to the room first. I remember vaguely, my husband was called aside to ask which room we would like. What’s funnier was, they asked my husband what I would like to eat for dinner. Yes, in the middle of labour.
4. You can call for food, in the event that you’re still hungry. RBC delivers straight to the room.
5. The nurses there really takes care of their patients (mummy and baby!). They taught us how to change diapers, how to bathe baby, how to burp. They acknowledged how tired you are. So if at 3AM, you’re too tired and can’t get baby to burp, they’ll be more than happy to help.
For me, the experience was rewarding. But I couldn’t have done it alone.
The one person who really helped was my husband. He made sure I was hydrated throughout labour, he made sure I was comfortable. I might’ve ruined his shirt that day (I kept pulling it every time there’s a contraction coming), but he didn’t leave my side. He reminded me of our birth lessons (breathe!), the dzikir, the doas. I think for me that’s the most important part – you have someone there to support you. He was my rock, and for that, I am forever grateful, Alhamdulillah.

Fizah’s birth story

THE BIRTH STORY (it’s going to be a long one)


Who would have thought that my next post would be about the birth of our son?

I’ve always like to read people’s birth stories to get an idea of this whole pregnancy and labour process, because they’re never the same story. So i would like to do the same and share my birth stories, in hopes, that other future mommies can benefit and learn a thing or two. 🙂

My last post was written at 39 weeks, where I said we were so busy the last few days before that trying to get everything done and finally when all matters were done, my husband spoke to the baby (belly of course -.-) that he’s ready if the baby wants to come out.

Well, being the obedient son he is (alhamdulillah, aminnnn pls stay that way baby), baby arrived the day after! at 39 weeks + 1 day. hahah so much for listening to your daddy huh.

Today is your 4th day outside of my womb, sleeping soundly in your little cocoon on our bed and I am typing this on the table next to you…

So… the birth story!

Thursday morning 22.12.2016

I woke up and cleaned myself only to notice a very MINUTE (like so tinyyyyyyy but visible) amount of mucus plus tinged with very little blood. Told my husband about it but i wasn’t really worried yet because it was so little and thought that i could just give it time and see what happens after this.

So nothing happened obviously, but my husband told me to rest at home because i was so active the past few days but i got bored staying indoors and told my husband i wanted to go for a walk. We went to walk at Tasek Lama for about one and a half round around the park and then had fresh coconut water with the monkeys around. lol.

Thursday night 22.12.2016

I remember telling myself after my solat Maghrib that night that maybe i should start using the chair because i was feeling heavier than usual but then again, it didn’t occur that the baby’s head was probably engaged into my pelvic already! we had guests over that night and i remember having two servings of rice with all the other condiments, again telling myself don’t give birth tomorrow cause all of these food are going to take time to digest and to be pooped out! nyahaha.

When the guests left, at about 9.30pm that night i saw another sign of the bloody show – again just a little. Again, didn’t panic but had to tell my husband again and we decided to just monitor again later during the night.

Friday morning 23.12.16

At 2am, I went to have my usual night routine to the toilet to pee and found another hint of bloody show.

At 3am, went to pee again, and saw another bloody tinged mucus on my newly changed liner. lol.

Told my husband this time, and he was up just accompanying me until i felt contractions because we didn’t want to panic. Honestly, i did not know they were contractions. They felt just like pulsating period pain below my abdomen but i timed them anyway since a lot of the mucus plug has been spotted.

I just sat on the bed and practiced some deep breathing exercises while my husband played with his phone. 1minute of contraction….5 minutes gap… another 50 seconds contraction….about 4-5 minutes gap and this continued to 5 cycles of contractions.

Really, i was just timing them, not knowing the severity of the situation hahaha until the 5th contraction where the app just stopped and gave a warning – PLEASE CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW OR GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL! showed to my husband and we decided that we have to go check it out and tell my parents.

hahahah you can imagine my surprise. I was apparently already in labour that time.

showered, packed our stuffs and left home around 4.45 in the morning i think.

I was still walking normally when we arrived hospital despite the contractions. We parked at the basement and went up to the labour suite where we asked to see the nurse for check up. They strapped me up to the bed to monitor the baby’s heart beat and contractions. I then experienced the most talked procedure of any pregnant woman cringed of having, THE VAGINAL EXAM (VE!) – not nice guys but they needed to check how dilated i was.

check…check…ouch…deep breathing…check… 6cm dilated! even the nurses were shocked because i was supposed to be in pain through the monitored contractions but alhamdulillah, Allah eased my affairs.

I  really thought they were going to admit me to the ward but because i was already 6cm, it was already near and i had to wait in the labour room for the next stage which is pushing -______- i haven’t even eaten anything except for that very heavy dinner that night which i then dreaded cause i haven’t pooped. haha.

They brought me to the labour room and asked me to change while waiting for me to fully dilate for the pushing stage. Alhamdulillah, i could still managed the pain and stayed on my feet and moved around, until i was told that they would artificially broke my water :0 (Artificial rupture of membrane). I actually wanted my water break naturally to avoid further intervention, hence, i remembered asking the midwife twice if it was really necessary to do so… but to no avail – of course they had to do it anyway. Nonetheless, at least i tried haha.

With the water being broken, the idea of having things sped up did not really happen because my cervix was still thick despite dilated to 8cm 😦 the next intervention, which i did not want, was the pethidine injection – because i know how it affects the baby and makes the baby super sleepy. Again, i only agreed after they asked me the second time. lol. they probably think, “this mother so setauu gaban!” hahaha again i tried and lost. But then the needed the pethidine to soften my cervix so that my labour progressed faster so okay la… i can only plan what i want but Allah is the best of planners 🙂

Nevertheless, they were sooooo helpful especially this one midwife. May Allah bless them all for helping me deliver my baby! when my contractions were full on, these two midwives would take turn, this one especially, rubbed my back with my virgin coconut selusoh oil and asked me where i wanted to be massaged. She reminded me to repeat certain zikir and was constantly coaxing me through the pain.

When the time came to push… only Allah knows how i felt at that moment lol. I even had thoughts during that pushing stage if it was still possible if i wanted a c-section. hahaha. transition stage is real guys. PAIN IS REALLLLL – but pain is good, pain is good (i kept repeating that hahah) but alhamdulillah the team of midwives were cheerleading me with my husband as well. The only downside of that pushing stage was that I was super SLEEPY like crazy!!! (ISH YOU PETHIDINE HATE CHU) but alhamdulillah, after how many pushes that i don’t remember because i was too sleepy -.-, baby boy was successfully delivered! ALHAMDULILLAH.

I am so happy about my birth experience despite some hiccups here and there that i couldnt control but alhamdulillah, everything happens for a reason. We requested for delayed cord clamping and got my husband to cut the baby’s cord. ❤ I had immediate skin-to-skin contact and immediate bonding through breastfeeding right away after baby was delivered ❤ They respected our request to not have any interns and only midwives ❤

and finally, thank you dearest husband for being so calm and collected throughout everything . for being the best birth partner ever, for being so understanding of my needs and for conveying all my needs and wants to the midwives, most importantly for not fainting at the sight of blood heheheh.

Our baby boy was born on a Friday morning, 23rd December 2016 at 11.06 am, weighing 3.24kg, 51cm in length with luscious thick black hair and shooooo cute. AllahuAkbar!

Thank you Allah ❤

Winna’s birth story

Winna is a very active person, having met her before she fell pregnant. She is regular with her Yoga practice and continued doing so until late in her pregnancy. This is her birth story.


Like many other first time mom, I had no idea how labor was going to feel like asides the fact that I can’t run away from the pain during contractions. As such, I chose to attend the AMANI birth class with my husband to prepare ourselves for the big day.

I was admitted on the morning of 03Dec16 because I had the “show” and was 3cm dilated. Nothing comes by throughout the day so I kept myself busy by walking around as much as I could. Contractions finally kicked in after 12 midnight where I started to feel restless. Nurses in the obstetric ward insisted that I take pethidine to help with the pain but I refused after learning how the drug can be harmful to the baby during the birth class. I was sent to the labor room at 3am when I was 5cm dilated. Again the nurses in the labor room insisted I take the pethidine shot to help me relax and conserve my energy for pushing later on. But I was very firm on a drug free labor and again I rejected it. I tried using the laughing gas which was of no help to cope with the pain and neither does it help me to relax. What really help throughout the transition process was the breathing techniques which Nora taught me during class and the support my husband gave me.

After 8 hours in labor, I gave birth to Ryan on 04Dec16 at 10.47am. We were glad that we managed to ask for delayed cord clamping too although much negotiations were needed beforehand.

My husband and I couldn’t thank Nora enough for the knowledge she shared with us in the AMANI birth class and would recommend any mom-to-be to attend the workshop to prepare themselves for the big day.