Fizah’s birth story

THE BIRTH STORY (it’s going to be a long one)


Who would have thought that my next post would be about the birth of our son?

I’ve always like to read people’s birth stories to get an idea of this whole pregnancy and labour process, because they’re never the same story. So i would like to do the same and share my birth stories, in hopes, that other future mommies can benefit and learn a thing or two. 🙂

My last post was written at 39 weeks, where I said we were so busy the last few days before that trying to get everything done and finally when all matters were done, my husband spoke to the baby (belly of course -.-) that he’s ready if the baby wants to come out.

Well, being the obedient son he is (alhamdulillah, aminnnn pls stay that way baby), baby arrived the day after! at 39 weeks + 1 day. hahah so much for listening to your daddy huh.

Today is your 4th day outside of my womb, sleeping soundly in your little cocoon on our bed and I am typing this on the table next to you…

So… the birth story!

Thursday morning 22.12.2016

I woke up and cleaned myself only to notice a very MINUTE (like so tinyyyyyyy but visible) amount of mucus plus tinged with very little blood. Told my husband about it but i wasn’t really worried yet because it was so little and thought that i could just give it time and see what happens after this.

So nothing happened obviously, but my husband told me to rest at home because i was so active the past few days but i got bored staying indoors and told my husband i wanted to go for a walk. We went to walk at Tasek Lama for about one and a half round around the park and then had fresh coconut water with the monkeys around. lol.

Thursday night 22.12.2016

I remember telling myself after my solat Maghrib that night that maybe i should start using the chair because i was feeling heavier than usual but then again, it didn’t occur that the baby’s head was probably engaged into my pelvic already! we had guests over that night and i remember having two servings of rice with all the other condiments, again telling myself don’t give birth tomorrow cause all of these food are going to take time to digest and to be pooped out! nyahaha.

When the guests left, at about 9.30pm that night i saw another sign of the bloody show – again just a little. Again, didn’t panic but had to tell my husband again and we decided to just monitor again later during the night.

Friday morning 23.12.16

At 2am, I went to have my usual night routine to the toilet to pee and found another hint of bloody show.

At 3am, went to pee again, and saw another bloody tinged mucus on my newly changed liner. lol.

Told my husband this time, and he was up just accompanying me until i felt contractions because we didn’t want to panic. Honestly, i did not know they were contractions. They felt just like pulsating period pain below my abdomen but i timed them anyway since a lot of the mucus plug has been spotted.

I just sat on the bed and practiced some deep breathing exercises while my husband played with his phone. 1minute of contraction….5 minutes gap… another 50 seconds contraction….about 4-5 minutes gap and this continued to 5 cycles of contractions.

Really, i was just timing them, not knowing the severity of the situation hahaha until the 5th contraction where the app just stopped and gave a warning – PLEASE CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW OR GO TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL! showed to my husband and we decided that we have to go check it out and tell my parents.

hahahah you can imagine my surprise. I was apparently already in labour that time.

showered, packed our stuffs and left home around 4.45 in the morning i think.

I was still walking normally when we arrived hospital despite the contractions. We parked at the basement and went up to the labour suite where we asked to see the nurse for check up. They strapped me up to the bed to monitor the baby’s heart beat and contractions. I then experienced the most talked procedure of any pregnant woman cringed of having, THE VAGINAL EXAM (VE!) – not nice guys but they needed to check how dilated i was.

check…check…ouch…deep breathing…check… 6cm dilated! even the nurses were shocked because i was supposed to be in pain through the monitored contractions but alhamdulillah, Allah eased my affairs.

I  really thought they were going to admit me to the ward but because i was already 6cm, it was already near and i had to wait in the labour room for the next stage which is pushing -______- i haven’t even eaten anything except for that very heavy dinner that night which i then dreaded cause i haven’t pooped. haha.

They brought me to the labour room and asked me to change while waiting for me to fully dilate for the pushing stage. Alhamdulillah, i could still managed the pain and stayed on my feet and moved around, until i was told that they would artificially broke my water :0 (Artificial rupture of membrane). I actually wanted my water break naturally to avoid further intervention, hence, i remembered asking the midwife twice if it was really necessary to do so… but to no avail – of course they had to do it anyway. Nonetheless, at least i tried haha.

With the water being broken, the idea of having things sped up did not really happen because my cervix was still thick despite dilated to 8cm 😦 the next intervention, which i did not want, was the pethidine injection – because i know how it affects the baby and makes the baby super sleepy. Again, i only agreed after they asked me the second time. lol. they probably think, “this mother so setauu gaban!” hahaha again i tried and lost. But then the needed the pethidine to soften my cervix so that my labour progressed faster so okay la… i can only plan what i want but Allah is the best of planners 🙂

Nevertheless, they were sooooo helpful especially this one midwife. May Allah bless them all for helping me deliver my baby! when my contractions were full on, these two midwives would take turn, this one especially, rubbed my back with my virgin coconut selusoh oil and asked me where i wanted to be massaged. She reminded me to repeat certain zikir and was constantly coaxing me through the pain.

When the time came to push… only Allah knows how i felt at that moment lol. I even had thoughts during that pushing stage if it was still possible if i wanted a c-section. hahaha. transition stage is real guys. PAIN IS REALLLLL – but pain is good, pain is good (i kept repeating that hahah) but alhamdulillah the team of midwives were cheerleading me with my husband as well. The only downside of that pushing stage was that I was super SLEEPY like crazy!!! (ISH YOU PETHIDINE HATE CHU) but alhamdulillah, after how many pushes that i don’t remember because i was too sleepy -.-, baby boy was successfully delivered! ALHAMDULILLAH.

I am so happy about my birth experience despite some hiccups here and there that i couldnt control but alhamdulillah, everything happens for a reason. We requested for delayed cord clamping and got my husband to cut the baby’s cord. ❤ I had immediate skin-to-skin contact and immediate bonding through breastfeeding right away after baby was delivered ❤ They respected our request to not have any interns and only midwives ❤

and finally, thank you dearest husband for being so calm and collected throughout everything . for being the best birth partner ever, for being so understanding of my needs and for conveying all my needs and wants to the midwives, most importantly for not fainting at the sight of blood heheheh.

Our baby boy was born on a Friday morning, 23rd December 2016 at 11.06 am, weighing 3.24kg, 51cm in length with luscious thick black hair and shooooo cute. AllahuAkbar!

Thank you Allah ❤

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