Welcome to the world of pregnancy, birth and parenting!

My name is Nora Abdul Rahman, a mum of 3, founder of birthlings and co-founder of The Nest Wellness studio, located in Arches Building, Jalan Pasar Gadong

My passion in women’s wellness started in 2006, when I registered as a yoga teacher in Singapore. In 2014, I certified as a  prenatal yoga teacher, which then opened new doors, one on a path to a (passionate!) Educator in Childbirth preparation. In 2016, i certified in childbirth education with AMANI Birth in Singapore. The year after I certified as a KGHypnobirthing teacher, in London UK. I have also recently completed the Spinning Babies Parent Educator training in April 2019, in The Netherlands with the Amazing Spinning Babies founder Gail Tully.

It is important to take note that Childbirth educators are professionals in the normalcy of pregnancy and birth and we view & discuss pregnancy and birth topics that are normal, natural and instinctive. We do not give medical advice and would urge you to consult with your doctor on issues that are out of our scope. We also encourage communication with your caregivers to be an open, honest and a respectful one.

Childbirth preparation / foundation class.

Almost all expectant parents that come to my childbirth classes have expressed their anxieties with their upcoming birth. I hope to shed some light into the mysteries & miracles of birth and get parents to get educated, empowered and excited about their baby’s birthday! We also find that daddies-to-be will leave with newfound awe and respect of the amazing bodies of mothers during pregnancy, labor and birth and also leave the classes with the knowledge on how to actively support mums during pregnancy labor and birth.

The childbirth preparation classes are scheduled every month. More information on the classes are found on this link.

This class is for parents.

Prenatal Yoga class.

The prenatal wellness classes are a good addition to the birth classes. In this class, we explore prenatal yoga poses that can help offer relief to some of the common complaints in expecting mothers and also help bring balance back to mothers to help achieve an easier labor & birth. I urge mothers to be active during their pregnancy to help maintain balance in their changing bodies.

This class is for mothers only.

You can book in 1 day ahead. Yoga mats & props are provided.

Bite sized workshops

There are bite sized workshop available each month. Supplementary notes & materials are included. Please book in 3 days in advance of workshop date.

a) The Breathing & relaxation workshop explores anatomy of the breath to help mothers fine tune the way they breathe everyday and especially during labor & birth. The topics covered are :

  • key muscles for labor & birth
  • anatomy of the breath
  • science behind visualizations
  • Up breathing for labor / down breathing for pushing stage
  • short relaxation exercise

This workshop is for mothers only.

b) The Final stretch workshop explores stretches mothers can do  ( focus on pelvic floor releases ) in their final weeks of pregnancy and also maternal positioning during pregnancy to help optimize baby’s positioning in the womb- to prepare for labor and birth.  This class is recorded and will be given to mothers  so they can practice them at home leading up to labor.

This workshop is for mothers only.

c) Addressing fear and anxiety in labor

This is a 2 hour online class. The topics included in this session addresses the importance of emotions. We also explore the science of hypnobirthing that can help ease fears around labor. The class will also include practical tips mothers can do to help manage anxiety.

If you are unsure of which class to take and when, you can contact me directly at  +673 88 000 10 and I will be happy to talk or text you through 😊

Love & light,