Welcome to the world of pregnancy, birth and parenting!

Birthlings offers childbirth education for expectant parents and pregnancy wellness through our prenatal yoga classes. Our classes are open to expectant parents ‘experienced’ and new.

Childbirth classes.

Almost all expectant parents that come to our childbirth classes have expressed their anxieties with their upcoming birth. Our classes hope to shed some light into the mysteries & miracles  of birth and get parents to get educated, empowered and excited about their baby’s birthday! We also find that daddies-to-be will leave with newfound awe and respect of the amazing bodies of mothers during pregnancy, labor and birth.


With our November 2018 couples !

We run classes every month with limited seats so as to make our classes personal.

Prenatal Yoga classes.

To find out more about our prenatal yoga classes, please check out this link. Our classes run every week and will be a great addition to your birth classes. Please visit the rest of our links on this site, or feel free to contact us at 8800010.

We look forward to meeting you!