Winna’s birth story

Winna is a very active person, having met her before she fell pregnant. She is regular with her Yoga practice and continued doing so until late in her pregnancy. This is her birth story.


Like many other first time mom, I had no idea how labor was going to feel like asides the fact that I can’t run away from the pain during contractions. As such, I chose to attend the AMANI birth class with my husband to prepare ourselves for the big day.

I was admitted on the morning of 03Dec16 because I had the “show” and was 3cm dilated. Nothing comes by throughout the day so I kept myself busy by walking around as much as I could. Contractions finally kicked in after 12 midnight where I started to feel restless. Nurses in the obstetric ward insisted that I take pethidine to help with the pain but I refused after learning how the drug can be harmful to the baby during the birth class. I was sent to the labor room at 3am when I was 5cm dilated. Again the nurses in the labor room insisted I take the pethidine shot to help me relax and conserve my energy for pushing later on. But I was very firm on a drug free labor and again I rejected it. I tried using the laughing gas which was of no help to cope with the pain and neither does it help me to relax. What really help throughout the transition process was the breathing techniques which Nora taught me during class and the support my husband gave me.

After 8 hours in labor, I gave birth to Ryan on 04Dec16 at 10.47am. We were glad that we managed to ask for delayed cord clamping too although much negotiations were needed beforehand.

My husband and I couldn’t thank Nora enough for the knowledge she shared with us in the AMANI birth class and would recommend any mom-to-be to attend the workshop to prepare themselves for the big day.


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