Birth classes

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Our Express class (half day) is tailored for expectant parents who are already advanced in their pregnancy or have missed out the FULL birth class registration.

Our next Express group class is 27 October 2017, Friday 2:30pm-6pm.  Location : Sg tilong, Jln Muara. Please text us at 88 000 10 to find out when we can fit into your schedule.

Topics :

  • Labor, stages
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Hormones of labor and birth
  • Medical interventions
  • working with your body in labor : breathing, positions & massage ( short practical)
  • Tips for mums in late 3rd trimester (birth preparation)

What do i do next? Please text 8800010 to book in the date. All other instructions will follow from there.

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Our Sunday birth classes run every month. You would need to attend TWO sundays to complete the birth sessions. How are these classes different from the Express classes?

  1. You get a one-one private consultation with the Educator after completing 2 sessions if needed.
  2. There are more practicals / activities in the full birth classes.
  3. More topics are covered in the full birth classes.
  4. Time allotted for questions and discussions.

Registration for November & December 2017 Sunday birth classes are now closed. Don’t panic! You can still opt to come in for a private class. Please text or call + 673 88 000 10 to find out when you can come in!


We are now open for seat bookings for JANUARY 2018 Sunday birth classes!

  • Dates : 7 & 14 January 2018
  • Time : 10am – 230pm
  • Attire : casual, mothers wear long stretchy pants. Fathers need to be  comfortable attire.
  • Materials : Birthlings workbook, pen / pencil, a pendrive, a long wide shawl, an open heart.
  • Fee  includes one on one private consultation after the class if needed.
  • Refreshments provided.

Note : There is no fee deposit needed to book a class. Just COURTESY in letting us know if you are unable to make it. This makes planning easy on our side.

Wallahu Khairul maa kiriin, Allah is the best of planners.