Jannah’s birth story

Our prenatal yoga student Jannah, had a VBAC with her second born. Jannah was considered high risk as her first baby was delivered via c-section in 2015.This is her birth story.

On the  2nd June 2016,  at 8pm while having dinner, I had irregular contractions and it was quite painful. It came and go every 5-7 mins and went on until 2am.  I couldn’t sleep. I tracked them using Pregnancy+ app and  I knew it was time.
At 2am, I woke my husband up and went to RIPAS.  I had already dilated 3cm and so  I was admitted. But then, the contraction was stopped until 4th June at 2am – but it came back and by then i was dilated at 6cm! This was a regular contraction!
I was brought to the labour room  as the doctor wanted to give me thorough check up every 15-30 mins interval, just in case my bikini line (at caesar area) became painful – so that the they could prep for an emergency c section. I waited for 15 hours long then finally, it was time to push… Luckily, it was a VBAC delivery!
It took me only 15-20 mins to push. It was a miracle that my labour ran very smoothly, Alhamdulillah despite having to go through a c section  last year! Surprisingly contractions was not that painful as I expected. No pain relief used because the pain was bearable. The tip is I practised the ice exercise from the  first labour workshop last year. Basically, my brain focused on different things when the contraction came. I thought of peaceful things: Allah, my daughter, my husband and your sakura tree that is in front of your studio.
My husband was really supportive! Even though he didn’t know what to do, he kept saying to me “You can do it baby!” “Just a little more to push and you’re done!” He was an excellent support I must say. 
After birth, it was hard for me to breastfeed directly because my baby was admitted into SCBU (born at 35 weeks ). So I had to keep on massaging my breasts to produce milk. On day 2, i had very little of colostrum and I consumed a milk booster. Day 3, my breasts became sore because it produced a lot of milk and pump was no use. A midwife helped me to squeeze my breasts. It was embarrassing, but I didn’t care. Haha.
Day 4,  we went to SCBU early in the morning and asked the nurse to allow me breast feed baby directly. Alhamdulillah, my baby latched on.
Overall, Alhamdulillah my labour journey went really well. To compare with c-section and a VBAC delivery, definitely VBAC or normal delivery is the best choice!

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