Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuh, thank you for taking an interest in us. Here are some of the common questions by our intending couples. We hope they are useful. If you have further queries, please text us at 88 000 10. We would be glad to help.

one of the activities done during our birth classes.
  1. What kind of services do we offer? We offer birth classes that range in fees. We also offer once a week Prenatal Yoga classes.
  2. What is the birth class based on? You can click on this link to read about our background.
  3. What are the days like for the Birth classes? Our classes are available: Sundays full birth classes (10am-230pm / 2 sessions), Fridays Express (230pm-6pm) or Saturdays Express (830am-11am).  Please take note that the Friday classes are generally group classes. Our Saturday sessions are private (one couple only). You can also opt for a private session on a Friday, subject to availability of date. The Sunday classes are group classes. More info here.
  4. When can i start attending these Birth classes? Ideally when you are in your 2nd trimester, around 26-28 weeks.
  5. Where are we located? Kg Sg Tilong, full address will be sent after a booking confirmation.
  6. What are the topics discussed? the topics will be sent to  you after your booking is confirmed.
  7. How is the express class different from the full birth class?
  • You get a one-one private consultation with the Educator after completing 2 sessions if needed.
  • There are more practicals / activities included in the full birth classes.
  • More topics are covered in the full birth classes.
  • Time allotted for questions and discussions.

8. Where can i find more information on the prenatal yoga classes? Please click on this link to read more.