Get to know what and how I run my classes. My teaching background can be found in this link! Here are some of the commons questions I have received from first time parents:

Prenatal Yoga.

  1. When is the best time to attend a prenatal yoga class? Ideally come in from the 2nd trimester onwards. The class is for mothers only.
  2. Do I need yoga experience to attend a prenatal yoga class? No, you don’t. The class is specifically designed for expecting mothers even without experience.
  3. How do I book a class? You can whatsapp 88 000 10 a day before the class.
  4. What do i need to bring? Please bring your own yoga mat and a small towel.

Childbirth preparation classes.

  1. When is the best time to book in a class? If you are around 24 weeks, it is best to go online (www.birthlings.setmore.com) and book the dates that will be suitable for you & your partner – ideally you will be around 31-34 weeks when you sit in the class. My advice is not to book in when you are already advanced in your pregnancy. Space is limited and it gets booked up fast !
  2. How long are the sessions? There are 2 sessions to attend. The Sunday sessions are from 930am-230pm (1 hour lunch break). The Saturday (Express) sessions are from 930am-1230pm.
  3. What is the difference between the Sunday and Saturday sessions? You can click on this link to have a read on the differences.
  4. Are topics on Breastfeeding and Postpartum included in the sessions? No, they are not. They are covered by other Educators. For breastfeeding, babywearing classes, you can follow @milking_at_ease.bn . For postpartum, you can follow @joyafterbirth.
  5. Do husbands need to come in as well? Yes they do. But we do have mothers who come in by themselves, or with a female friend / relative.
  6. Is there a prayer room? There is a small prayer space. Please bring your own prayer mat.

Bite sized (short classes) : Breathing for Birth, The final stretch! class

  1. How are the short classes run? Classes will be done online via ZOOM (unless indicated otherwise in the schedule)
  2. How long are the classes? They can run for about 60-120 minutes depending on the Q&A sessions after the class.
  3. When are these sessions run? You can visit this link or whatsapp 88 000 10 to have the updated schedule
  4. Does my husband need to attend these short classes? He is most welcomed to but the classes are for mothers only.

General questions:

  1. Where are the classes run? The physical classes are held at The Nest, Wellness Studio, Arches building on Jalan Pasar Gadong next to Taurean The Arch. The studio is on the first floor. Otherwise, it will be conducted online via ZOOM from the comfort of your home!

2. Where can i view the monthly class schedule? They are uploaded on @birthlings instagram highlights labelled “UPDATES” or you can whatsapp 88 000 10.

3. How do i book a class? You can go to this link to view the dates and book in a class.