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August 2017 Birth class

We are so blessed to have met our August mums and dads. I enjoyed teaching this class as they showed their curiosity and willingness to learn. As always, i also get to learn something new 🙂 May Allah bless our efforts in seeking this knowledge and pray He eases your journey towards parenthood, amiin. Here are just some of the snapshots from the sessions.


Quiet time to explore how they feel


daddies working hard!



Our favourite labor expression!


explain please?



The mighty mums and dads!


A’da’s birth story

A’da attended our Express class in May. Her labor took an unexpected turn and baby was born via c sec birth, alhamdulillah. She shares her experience in her blog. Please click to read her full story!

My Labor Story

August 7, 2017

Eden came to the world earlier than expected.

First reaction I was getting, shocked.

Then afraid.

Finally, ‘oh my God, it’s happening.. I’m finally meeting the little guy soon!’

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