Our Educator


Our classes are conducted by Nora Abd Rahman who started her wellness journey in 2006 when she registered as a Yoga teacher. In 2014, she certified in Prenatal Yoga with Michelle K Papa of Mindful Birth, Perth Australia. Having met a lot of expectant mothers in her prenatal yoga class desiring a natural birth,  prompted her to pursue a certification in Childbirth Education in 2016. In further pursuing her knowledge in natural childbirth, she has also  attended the Spinning babies workshop led by Ginny Phang in August 2017.

In August 2018,  Nora has completed the live teacher training course in KGHypnobirthing  in the UK, in hopes to add to her learning and teaching experience in childbirth education. In addition, she holds a degree in Education and is a (blessed) mother to 3 children,  aged 16, 15 and 9.

She hopes the classes will lift the common fears of birth and shed some light into the world of pregnancy, labor and birth to expectant parents and educate them with tools to make the best of their experience.