September 2018

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“Breastfeeding is 90% determination and only 20% supply”.
Nur & Aza are both trained Breastfeeding Counsellors and Nur is a Babywearing Consultant from School Of Babywearing UK.

Being a mum of 4 children, Nur & Aza went through a colourful myriad of post birth journey; namely breastfeeding & baby wearing experiences. In the beginning, both of them had shaky and rocky start to breastfeeding. Cracked and sore nipples, engorgement, poor latch, you name it, they experienced it. Fortunately, it got better… It really did.

What Nur & Aza realized was that to make breastfeeding work, it required so much more than just supply. Supply only covered 10% of what was needed to breastfeed. What made breastfeeding easier was support, knowledge and determination.

Having more than 2 children at home requires both these ladies having to multitask and care for all their children and this is where baby wearing comes in. Baby wearing helps mums in many way! Some mums baby wear for convenience, some baby wear for comfort & security and some baby wear for sanity; like Nur & Aza! Having hands free while knowing that you have your baby safe with you helps manage everything better!

With their experience and their capacity as Birth Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Early Childhood Educators, they want to advocate Post Birth Education, namely breastfeeding and baby wearing through talks and sharings to empower women and give them the confidence that they need to start on their post birth journey.